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  Read the story carefully and decide
who killed poor Maide teyze.
  It was one of the few houses who resisted to
the massacre of the "laz" builders in Ihlamur, Beşiktaş. A police car was parked at the front door. The house had a garden. And there was
a back door opening to a small garden full of cats.
The cats were mewing altogether because
they were starving. . The noise was
unbearable. Komser Hayrettin sent a
patrolman to Pıtış petshop to buy some
cat food. He couldn't use the cat food in
Maide Teyze's kitchen since it was evidence
in her death.
Traces of blood on the kitchen suggested
that Maide Teyze had fallen and hit her
head. The Adli Tıp doctor, however insisted
that the wound had nothing to do with the
"It was meant to look like an accident, but she was hit over the head. In fact, the blow could have come from one of those 2 Kg jumbo tins
of cat food."
One such tin lay on the floor, where it seemingly fallen from the Maide Teyze's
hands along with her handbag and its
sprawled contents of keys, lipstick, loose change,and an "akbil".
A box of groceries filled with cat food and
other items were sitting on the kitchen table.
"It looks like she hadn't even had time to put away her groceries" Komser Hayrettin nodded to young detective Selami, a signal for him to start his report.
  "The "çırak" of the Bugsbunny Market said that Maide Teyze was alive at 5 p.m. It looks like the murder occured while she was putting things away between 5.00 and 5.20, I'd say. The "kapıcı" of the nextdoor building said he saw the cleaning lady leave by the back door at 4:30, then a half hour later the çırak come and go.
The "Kapıcı" went into his building for the evening chores but his damat heard the cats mewing for supper at 7:30. He thought something must be wrong with the old Maide Teyze. They told Avukat Muhittin bey about it and the "Avukat" called 112.

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  A little more than mere Teaching  
"And the back door was locked?" asked Komser Hayrettin.

"That's Right" said Selami."

No sign of forced entry. And the front
door was bolted from the inside by a deadbolt, so the murderer had to have left by the back door and locked it
with a key on the way out ....... unless it was
one of the cats"

Selami showing the small magnetic cat door with a smile which allowed only Maide Teyze's favourite two
cats Salak and Sakat in.

Komser Hayrettin frowned at his young apprentice " What have you found out about extra keys?" he asked.
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According to Maide Teyze's neighbours the cleaning lady İklima and the old
lady's son are the only ones with the
non-copyable keys to the back door.

The son is on his way with the "gelin".
The cleaning lady is coming too.

Komser Hayrettin studied Turgut, the agitated son as he told his story.

"Lately we've been trying to convice my mother to move to the Emekli Sandığı
rest home in Etiler because of her
vertigo, but she would not leave
the cats."

"Did your mother have a Will,
Turgut bey?"

" Me and my wife are the main beneficiaries, and İklima, her cleaning lady was to get $ 10.000.

But just the other week my mother
talked about leaving everything to Yedikule Hayvan Barınağı.

You know how little old ladies are
about their pets."

"Can you tell us your whereabouts from five p.m.?"

" I was at the ka've. I'm the owner of Yıldızlar Kahvehanesi in Yenişehir. I went out once at 5:30 to Altılı Ganyan dealer but only for ten minutes. You can ask "esnaf."

Turgut was led out and the cleaning lady
İklima was sent in. İklima hanım was sobbing deeply; she tried to dry her watery eyes and continued telling all about the incidence.

" I guess she got one of her dizzy spells. I left her at 4:30 to meet my "görümce" in Balat.

After we prepared "baklava" I went back to Kasımpaşa to make my husband's dinner

While we were eating "külbastı " a
policeman came to get me.

  "İklima hanım, Did You know who your
's money was to go to? "

"Her son and the " Gelin " would get it, and a little something for me. İklima blushed " Mind You, only last week she said she wanted it all go to a cat and dog shelter.

She was always worried about the cats. I
can't say I'll miss cleaning up after them.

Selami ushered out İklima and showed in the "Gelin".

And where were you from five p.m onward "gelin hanım?" Komser Hayrettin asked.

" I was at my hairdresser until six , then I directly went home "

Komser Hayrettin nodded. "One more thing -
I understand you had no key to your
mother-in-laws house"
  "İklima and my husband had the keys
because I work on the other side of
Istanbul, in Koşuyolu.

Komser Hayrettin waited until the suspects
left before asking Selami for his opinnion.

" What do you think?"

" Well their alibis all check out. It doesn't
seem anyone could have done it, unless it
really was the cats."

"No. detective." grinned Komser Hayrettin
" I believe we will be arresting a human
after all"
Select a whodunit and see
if you are right ....
Turgut, the son
İklima, the cleaning lady
The "Gelin"
I'm not sure
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