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  1. Nagehan is Mr. Yıldırım's daughter.

    She is his daughter

    He is her son

    She is her son

    He is his son


  2. Pick the correct sentence.

    A man he drives to work everyday

    The man drive to work everyday

    The man drives to work everyday

    A man drive to works everyday


  3. Please come with         brother.

    I and mine

    me and him

    me and my

    mine and his


  4. Pick the correct sentence

    This problem isn't

    This aren't a problem

    These problems aren't

    This isn't a problem

  5. Pick the correct sentence

    You can have my sandwich

    you can to have my sandwich

    You can have mine sandwich

    You can has my sandwich


  6. ____________ the car!

    Don't getting to

    Don't get into

    Not to get to

    Not get into


  7. Lale         her CDs every evening.


    hears to


    listens to


  8. Duman are         all the other bands.

    as better than

    better than

    betterer than

    so better as


  9. Pick the correct sentence

    Where she lives?

    Where do she lives?

    Where does she live?

    Where is she lives?


  10. There isn't         here.

    any people



    no people


  11. Samiye's         me.

    as tall as

    tall that

    taller as

    so tall as


  12. Is the newspaper in your room? Yes, I         this morning.

    put them there

    puts them there

    puts it there

    put it there


  13. Last month         to Cuba.

    went Sinan

    did Sinan go

    Sinan went

    Sinan was


  14. Last summer I taught         English.

    my friend to speak

    my friend speaking

    my friend speak

    to my friend speak


  15. Jane, what         next Saturday night?

    will you to do

    are you doing

    you going to do

    do you do


  16. When         his Hotmail?

    Timur usually checks

    checks Timur usually

    usually does Timur check

    does Timur usually check


  17. I saw         friends at the party.

    a few

    a pair

    a couple



  18. What kind of tickets shall I get for the concert?

    Get no expensive!

    Don't get expensive ones!

    Don't get any one expensive!

    Don't get an expensive one!


  19.         shirts do you like?

    Which of

    What of

    How many



  20. Yesterday Nilgün        to see the doctor.

    waited ten minutes for

    waited for ten minutes

    expected for ten minutes

    was waited ten minutes


  21. Recep bought        .

    to Susen a watch

    Susen a watch

    for Susen a watch

    a watch to Susen


  22.         play football at the weekend.

    Sometimes I didn't

    Never do I

    Sometimes I don't

    Never did I


  23. How many times have you been to Miniaturk?

    One times


    Twice times

    Only one


  24. It's two years         my brother.

    since I've seen

    since I'm seeing

    that I haven't seen

    that I saw


  25. You look busy! What        .

    are you doing?

    do you do?

    you're doing?

    you do?


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