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1. Who was Galadriel in the 2002 movie,
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
a. Cate Blanchett b. Liv Tyler
2. Who was John 'Scottie' Ferguson in the 1958 film, Vertigo?
a. Humphrey Bogart b. James Stewart
3. Who played the part of Prime Minister in the
    2003 movie, Love Actually?

a. Colin Firth b. Hugh Grant

4. Who was Ashley WIlkes in the 1939 classic,
    Gone with the Wind
a. Leslie Howard b. Robert Donat
5. Who directed the 2003 movie, Kill Bill: Vol 1?
a. Gore Verbinski b. Quentin Tarantino
6. Who was Antonius Proximo in the 2000 movie, Gladiator?
a. Oliver Reed b. Russell Crowe
7. Who was Jack Sparrow in the 2003 movie, Pirates of the     Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?

a. Orlando Bloom b. Johnny Depp

8. Who directed the 2001 movie, A Beautiful Mind?
a. Ron Howard b. Ridley Scott
9. Who was Frodo Baggins in the 2001 movie,
    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of
the Ring?
a. Elijah Wood b. Ian McKellen
10. Who was Luke in the 1967 movie, Cool Hand Luke?
a. Robert Redford b. Paul Newman
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  TRUE or FALSE QUIZ - Solution
The 'True' answers:
01a. Cate Blanchett
02b. James Stewart
03b. Hugh Grant
04a. Leslie Howard
05b. Quentin Tarantino
6a. Oliver Reed
07b. Johnny Depp
08a. Ron Howard
09a. Elijah Wood
10b. Paul Newman
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