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An area where you
do not meet usual

"Algeria in Pera"

the photo is the
of Mr.Ozan Bal
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Although the area is known
by its Greek name Pera-the
other side
-it was a home for Galatians initially. Genoese merchants established a
colony here.During the
decline of Ottoman Empire
many embassies were built between the orchards of
Beyoğlu two of which
survived to day.
The British and the French. The foreign communities built not only embassies but houses, business buildings, places of worship and cultural institutions. Most of those remaining to day date from the 19th century and represent a range of architectural styles from Baroque and Rococo to Neoclassical and Art Nouveau.

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Istiklal street was
then called as
Grande Rue de
Pera accordingly.
In mid-fifties Beyoğlu began
to lose its
prestige after the
Istanbul Pogrom
and small size manufacturers
moved into
apartments where
glory prevailed
once. See:
By the early nineties thru-traffic was detoured and the area was designed as shopping and pedestrian precinct. A street car service was established as a glimpse of nostalgia . The main street is packed now bank branches, fast-food restaurants, clothing stores, music shops and bookstores.
Çiçek pasajı is one of the Beyoğlu classics. It is also known as Cité de Péra or Hristaki Pasajı.The building
dates back to 19th century
but it has been rebuilt
or renovated time to time.
Today the basement is
packed with restaurants
Although it looks easy to understand what's going on,
it is not as easy to grasp
the details.For most Turks Beyoğlu is where they
watch movies and stroll
up and down till the cinema time, and evacuate the
area as soon as the film

is over.

As the area had a reputation
for its all-male entertainment clubs most people still avoid
the side and especially back streets. Actually these side
and back streets is where
the real action is.
With a proper guidance one can easily avoid few of the "night clubs" where seamen or local businessman visiting Istanbul are ripped off and explore any of the numerous bars, student cafes, home cooking restaurants and jazz or rock clubs. The prices vary
Pera in 1930s
The weekly time out magazines could be a healthy day-to-day references if you are unable to get information from a local expert. But the general rule is to locate rushing Brit groups and chase them. Sooner or later you end up at the filthiest place where the cheapest beer is available with great fun.
But if you are one of those heavenly then there are so many churches whose services you can attend. Whatever your choice is know prices before you eat or drink and never argue with Turks.
If you are interested in seeing sharp cultural conflicts within few hundred meter distances just stroll in back and side streets of Tarlabashi where residents seem to be unaware of the richness and glamour of Grand Rue de Pera nearby.
This building is a
hospital now.
One of the rare
winter photographs
of Istiklal Street.
When you let yourself lost in the narrow lanes you may end up either at the famous stairs or at Karaköy Port
Mısır apartmanı is
one of the prominent buildings on Istiklal
Street. It was built
in the year 1905 by
by Armenian architect
Houzep Aznavurian
and with the aid of
French technical
and financial expertise.
You can enjoy Greek-
and Armenian cuisine
at a popular restaurant
Lokal Pera on the first
floor of this former
Ottoman Konak

Click for Lokal Pera
Galata Tower has always
been one of the landmarks
of Istanbul.
The building was
finished in the year
1894. There were 49
apartments and it was
called Helbig blocks then.
In 1942 Kazım Taşkent
bought the building
and named it after his
late son Doğan. Now
a number of individuals
own the apartments,
including some
You will not be able to feel
content in Beyoglu unless
you unveil some of the
secrets of Pera nevertheless
We do recommend you to
refrain from places with an expensive look or places
populated with dark single
males and places where
you do not see interiors.
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