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Alper's getaway with Sinem
cömert bir biçimde

lift: asansör
cheek: yanak
wiggle : kıvranmak unlock: kilidini açmak
step: adım atmak
It was one o'clock at night. Yeniköy streets were dark. Eralp and Sinem were in a taxi. The taxi pulled up to Yenigören sitesi and to Açelya building as instructed. Eralp paid and generously tipped the driver and got out of the taxi after Sinem. She was already on the stairs. Sinem waited at the door of the Açelya building. Eralp found the right key and opened the door. Sinem was the first to get into the lift. She looked at the mirror. She saw her tired face and then Eralp's smile. She smiled back at him. Eralp returned her smile with a kiss on her left cheek. Sinem giggled. Eralp kept his lips on her cheek for seven floors. He noticed the floor number 19. Sinem was wiggling in his arms. She wanted to be free. He let her go. Sinem stepped into the carpeted hall. She noticed the alarm on Eralp's apartment door. He entered the code quickly and they heard three short beeps. The door unlocked itself . The light went on as they entered in. It was a dimly lit apartment packed with plants. Sinem saw a long corridor on the left with a lot of doors, a spacious living room and a kitchen.
Alper picked Sinem at her Bahçeşehir office
spacious:geniş bathrobe: bornoz prepare: hazırlamak snacks: abur cubur yiyecekler
chihuahua: bir köpek cinsi shiver / tremble: tir tir titremek
wildly: çılgıncasına remember: anımsamak
breast: göğüs caress: okşamak
swiftly: hızla

"Where is the bathroom" Sinem asked.
Eralp directed her to the bathroom. "It is the fifth door on the right
" he said " and " you can find a bathrobe and clean towels in the blue closet" he added.Eralp went to the kitchen. He wanted to prepare some snacks and drinks . He heard his dog barking and a scream. In a minute Sinem was in the kitchen almost naked. The dog really scared Sinem,
she looked horrified. It was only a chihuahua. Eralp hugged Sinem. He stroked her back gently.
He eased her with his smooth kisses. Sinem was shievering and trembling. Sinem's heart was beating hard. Sinem was in tears. It took 5 minutes to soothe her. He tore off a nearby paper towel and dried her tears. He kissed her lips and waited. He kissed her again and this time deeply. In a minute they were both kissing each other. Eralp slowly moved to her neck. He kissed the length of her neck for a while. And he remembered her beautiful bare breasts nesting on his chest and cupped one of them with his right hand and caressed it. Before he could nibble her nipple Sinem moved
away from his arms swiftly.
disappear: kaybolmak naughty creature: yaramaz yaratık scared: korkmaks crunchies: çıtır çerezler
pattern: desen brand-new: kullanılmamış towel: havlu
"I must have a shower" she said and hurried back to the bathroom. Eralp watched her beautiful body as she disappeared in the long corridor. Eralp went down the corridor, he found the small naughty creature hiding in the junk room. It was scared too. It was panting. Alper brought the dog to the kitchen. He fed him with biscuits and put fresh water in her bowl. It looked happier now. Eralp worked hard. He carried the crunchies and snacks into the living room. He could not hear the sound of the running water any more. Probably Sinem finished her shower and she was drying or brushing her hair. He put on a Patricia Kaas CD on the hi-fi. The French rhythm filled up the air in the gigantic living room. Sinem was at the door in a few minutes, she was wearing a short brand-new pink bathrobe with flower patterns. She had a maroon towel wrapped on her hair.
chest of drawers:konsol, şifonyer
shower: duş
cooler: içkiyi sulandıran sıvı
on its own: sek refreshed: canlı love seat: ikili koltuk
cheers: şerefe
"Where is the doggy?" She asked.
"I locked Mickey in the kitchen balcony" he answered.
"What would you like to have?" asked Eralp pointing to the bottles
standing on the long chest of drawers.
" I'll have the Safari" she said.
"Do you mind it without a cooler? he asked
"It is Ok" she said "On its own will be fine"
Sinem went to the big love seat , she got seated on it.
She looked calm and refreshed after the luke warm shower she had.
There were still water drops on her face, chest and legs.
"Cheers" Eralp said, "Cheers" Sinem answered.
They sipped their drinks. Alper got closer to her, he put his arm on the
back of the love seat behind her head.
" You made me very happy by coming here" he said. Sinem turned her
face to him slowly. Her lips were already apart. First their eyes met then they found themselves kissing, necking and petting.
chubby: balık etli
consultant: danışman
egal: Yasal
former: önceki fashionable: gözde, popüler
facilities: tesisler
pick: arabaya almak
gym:spor salonu
Sinem was a blondy young women. She was not very tall but chubby. Actually she was a lawyer. She didn't work as a lawyer. She was a legal consultant at Ree Doung Company. She first met Eralp at a business meeting in the company. Eralp joined the meeting as the general manager of Apple Cherry Textile Inc. He was from the Istanbul University School of Business Administration in Avcılar. He was in his early thirties. He worked at a couple of Yeni Bosna companies before. He learned a lot on textile business in his former company Original Group. He was a human
resources manager there. As Eralp was the member of the fashionable Yeşilyurt Sports club he invited her there the following friday afternoon.
He picked her from her Bahçeşehir office at 3, drove her to the facilities. They swam, exercised in the gym and enjoyed the sauna for the rest of
the afternoon. Then they went to the restaurant within the premises.
proud of: gurur duymak
Creete: Girit fortune-teller: falcı
charming: büyüleyici
slim: ince
in the mean time: bu arada horoscope: burç
It was Eralp's first time with a woman in that particular restaurant.
He was proud of this fact. So far he has always eaten there with business colleagues. But this time he was with a charming, beautiful and smart lady. Eralp learned that her family was originally from Creete. She had two sisters. Ece worked at a security company as a General Managers assistant and her younger sister Yelda was still a medical student and worked as a fortune teller in Angels Cafe in Beyoğlu. While she was
talking, Eralp was lost in her green eyes. Suddenly Eralp's mobile rang.
He excused himself and answered the phone. It was a long boring
business talk. Sinem played with the wine glass with her long slim
fingers in the mean time. When Eralp was finished they exchanged more questions and answers about their families, their favourite holiday resorts and their horoscopes.
shift: dönmek, değiştirmek gorgeous: hoş, gösterişli stare: dik dik bakmak
glare : öfkeyle bakmak
"How long have you been in Istanbul?" Sinem asked him.
"Well, I lived in Çorum until I was 14, then my family moved to Istanbul
so I shifted to Şenlikköy Lisesi" Eralp explained.
" What the hell I'm doing here with an Anatolian man Sinem thought.
Çorum didn't mean much to Sinem. She knew it was famous for its
'Leblebi' produce, that was all. In school of law there were guys from
that area. They always said they were from Erbaa, Sorgun, İskilip or Reşadiye. For Sinem these towns were all the same. What difference
it would make to be from Sivas or Maraş or Yozgat ? She was so far
away from those chaps. They were polite but Sinem couldn't find them friendly. There was something wrong with them Sinem never understood. That's why she stood at a distance from them. Anyway none of them
has ever been confident and brave enough to ask out such a gorgeous
chick as Sinem. They stared at her while she was laughing and horse playing with Istanbul boys. They glared at her when she rode away in different boys' cars.
But Eralp looked different and confident. " Is it love at first sight?" She thought, "What if he invites me to his home tonite?"She shievered with
the idea of spending the night with him.
insist: ısrar etmek
cosy: hoş, güzel huge: çok büyük, dev gibi
with sense of homour: espri yapma yeteneğinde ve espriyi kavrayabilen
to get on well with: iyi geçinmek
Eralp invited her to a Blues Bar instead. Sinem didn't want to go but he insisted by all means. He turned down all her excuses. She finally agreed but she was still angry with herself on their way to Etiler. She decided to leave after the first drink. Eralp parked his car behind the bar and they had to climb a few steps to the bar. It was a cosy club. There was live music. There were black chaps in the band. Everybody was well-dressed and the women looked perfect in their evening gowns. Although there was a huge
TV screen at a remote corner with a Beşiktaş football match on it it was
not vey popular. The waiters were well-trained and the chairs were warm
and comfortable.
Eralp was a clever guy with a sense of humour. He was very different from Sinem's ex-husband Erol. During the 5 years they were married her jealous husband never took her out to such a place. The only places they have
been to were the food court of Akmerkez or Beylikdüzü Restaurants where iftar menu was served. Erol felt happy at Feshane or Blue Mosque area Ramadan activities. She spent those five years cooking for him, paying family visits and trying to get on well with his stupid family.
conscience: bilinç
belong: ait olmak
Now Sinem felt as if she was a dream. Eralp told her a joke after a joke making her laugh and tons of interesting stories. Soon she forgot about her decision and ordered new drinks. At eleven everyone was invited to dance. Sinem felt closer to Eralp now and understood that she badly needed a man. Eralp held her tightly in his arms and his breath made her lose her conscience. Sinem understood that she belonged to Eralp that night.
  First Sinem woke up. It was 5 on the clock radio. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was. Her man was sleeping on the other
side of the bed.
"What a night she thought" She remembered that Alper had carried
her in his arms to the bedrom when love seat was too awkward for their pace. She didn't remember exactly what happened later. It was a long
time she hadn't felt what she felt that night. Everything seemed incredible. She stretched in bed. She turned her head and saw Eralp still sleeping.
She wanted to reach and kiss him but she changed her mind. She slipped off the bed, found her black dress and under wear, put them on . She wanted to leave quietly before Eralp woke up. She went to the bathroom
to wash her face. After she splashed water to her face several times, she looked at her face in the mirror.Eralp's face was in the mirror too.
"Are you ready for breakfast" he asked. She turned round. Eralp
grabbed her shoulders and kissed her wet lips. They could only have breakfast after two hours.
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