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An afternoon in Bosphorus with İngilizceCi expertise
No matter how
the nature is,
a visitor should

taste fish and
new raqı (ouzo)
to fully
enjoy Bosphorus.
Do not leave
Istanbul without
such a memorable
Raqi is diluted
with water before

This strait is 32 kilometers long. But its width varies from 500 meters to
3 kilometers.
The Ottomans controlled the Bosphorus by two castles.
Normally the two castles were built at a narrow point facing each other
to prevent incoming help to Constantinople.It is most visible where
Europe meets Asia at this geographical part of the world. There are two
suspension bridges which connect the two continents.

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In ancient Greek, bous is cow and poros is crossing place.
Both make Bosphorus,which means the place where the
cow crossed. Io had an affair with Zeus. Thus Zeus was
unfaithful to his wife Hera. To make up for this He turned
his lover into a cow. This cow travelled to East across
Bosphorus has a rich military history. Byzas
were one of the earliest to be present in the region. Later
Ottomans would cross the water strip every Jihad season.
In WW I Bosphorus eyewitnessed many military campaigns.

  When you board a cruise boat you will be able to spot the
Seraglio at the South End facing the Leander's Tower,
Dolmabahçe palace where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
passed away , the Çırağan palace now run as a hotel by
Kempinsky group. The two castles; Rumelihisarı and Anadolu
Hisarı, Boğaziçi University, former Robert College,Two mosques
one in Ortaköy and the other in Üsküdar, a great number of
poshy Yalıs.
  Turks usually form crowds at Ortaköy seaside or
Salajak promenade at the weekends. Kanlıca and Sarıyer is
also full of Turks enjoying the beauty and grandeur of Boğaziçi.
Tarabya -Therapeia-is popular at nights with its costly
restaurants, where local celebrities sing and raqı is consumed
with fish. Arnavutköy is also packed with anglers and strollers .
Since private ownership invades the most there is little to enjoy
on the Asian coastline. Beylerbeyi,Kuzguncuk, Çubuklu and
Beykoz are some of the few areas which offer relief gaps to
pedestrians roaming on the coast.
  In good old days Ortaköy used

to be a peaceful student resort.But Today people flood to
the Sunday Market Populate the bars and cafes.
Baked Potatoes are very popular which come with at
least a dozen toppings which may vary from various
vegetables like carrots, peas meat products like
sausages, salami and special local sauces, salads
and creams.

  It is the last stop on a Bosphorus trip. Once you are there don't waste time at the fish
restaurants as you have only two hours, rush uphill to the castle, for a perfect view
of Bosphorus leading to Black Sea. If starving buy a fish or mussel sandwich from
a take away shop ( $ 2.- approx ).


  Kanlıca is famous for its powder
sugar yoghurt and Khediv

Bosphorus has cute fisherman
villages on Black sea.Rumelifeneri
is one of them.
  Yeniköy is the fashionable
area on European side.
Sophia Lau of Australia was
glad she was in Bosphorus.
  Some old houses are still
resisting to concrete.
If you are one of the happy few
do not waste time elsewhere.
Enjoy Bosphorus at Çırağan
Palace,Hotel Kempinsky.
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