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  Is it true that additional educational material faciliate learning ?
  Supplementary Materials are a very important aid for the English Language teachers. They help teachers to illustrate especially grammar items better, break the boring routine of the grammar
books and bring variety to the classroom.Do all the teachers use supplementary materials or Can all the teachers use them successfully? Is it true that many teachers still think it is a burden
to carry Supplementary Material to the classroom?
Do some teachers overdo it ? Can the books written on the issue guide the language instructor properly? To what extent do the supplementary materials give the teacher an opportunity to relax or waste of class time? What is the difference between realia and supplementary material? Is the preparation of the relevant material directly connected with the country, culture or the specific are the language is being taught? Does this practice and implementing of some games disrupt or spoil the class session? Are the teachers volunteering to swap material ? Is the best material home-made? Should all the language teachers be alert round the clock for the possible adoption of real life objects as a means of better language teaching? Who is going to give the proper training to the language teachers on the issue? Should this practice be included in the curriculum as an obligation? Why do some teachers habitually skip these built-in activities in some communicative approach books?
  Example for Modal CAN teaching:
  Take class enough scrap paper. Refrain from using blank paper as
the principal may think you are wasting them.
Remember it is difficult to obtain them in most parts of the third
Write on the board: We are going to make paper boats.
Give each student a piece of square paper. Demonstrate first how
you do it while practising the phrase ' like this ' .. Show them again
if necessary.
Then ask them to make a paper boat. Give help to those unable to
do it. Keep on reporting the actual situation like Ceren can, Tuğçe can't, Erdinç can etc.
them accordingly. As soon as they are finished write their names of the succesful students on the board. Include the name
of the chief or the boss or any elder or senior people present in the class even if they failed.

See the instructions how to make a paper boat:
  I'd like to contribute supplementary materials page with my ideas!
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