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the human approach to language teaching


İngilizceCi is designed by a team of expert teachers from Istanbul
who have vast national and international experience in teaching
the language...

We simply would like to contribute to improvement of English
Language teaching in Turkiye...

In the mean time we need money and jobs too as everybody else
does so we happily welcome groups or individuals who are
interested in learning English Language...

Simply type "DERS" as a SMS message on your mobile
telephone and send it to
0532 425 46 16 ;

Now you are ready to learn English by İngilizceCi comfort !

It is not simply basic grammar what we teach but we do our
best to furnish the individuals with confidence and necessary
skills to speak English,


A little more than mere language teaching!

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We have downloadable stories for beginners and pre-intermediate
learners too.

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No matter what your English level is you will find tests which
will keep you busy and assess your grammar...

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being they are all in Turkish because these questions are frequently
asked in Turkish.;

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